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Procurement Law


We have broad experience in many types of procurement in different sectors, like:

  • Tender procedures for the supply of software, printers and hardware, school furniture and medical equipment. We have extensive experience in tendering in the Defence & Security sector.
  • Tender procedures for services, like secondment, catering, IT, engineering services, healthcare and youth care.
  • Tender procedures for works, for instance in the energy sector and in construction (area development).

Our procurement lawyers have extensive experience in assisting healthcare providers (youth aid and support under the Social Support Act) in procurement procedures, covering topics like open house procedures of municipal authorities and care procurement by health insurers. We also have specific experience in public transport concessions and advertising concessions.

Procurement Law specialism

Procurement Law and Competition Law

As our lawyers also specialise in competition law, our team is in a perfect position to assist you at the interface of competition law and procurement law. This may be the case, for example, if a tenderer wants to bid for a tender through different companies, or if a tenderer has made prohibited arrangements with another tenderer.

The procurement lawyers are active members of the Dutch Procurement Law Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht; NVvA). They also regularly write articles for legal journals and teach procurement law courses.