Simone van Minkelen

T: +31 70 376 06 23
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Simone has been employed by BarentsKrans as a civil law notary since March 2021, working in the Corporate M&A practice. She focuses on incorporations, amendments of the articles of the association, restructuring companies, mergers and acquisitions.

Simone obtained a master’s degree in Notarial Law at the Vrije University Amsterdam, where she had gained knowledge about Canadian Law. She also obtained a masters’ degree in Labour Law at the University of Amsterdam with a focus on mergers and acquisitions.

Work experience

  • Nysingh advocaten en notarissen, candidate civil-law notary (2019-2021)


  • University of Amsterdam, Master’s Degree in Labour Law (main field: Labour and Company law) (2020)
  • VU University of Amsterdam, Master’s Degree in Notarial Law (2019)
  • University of Victoria (Uvic), Britisch Columbia, Canada, exchange program (2017)