Guido den Dekker

T: +31 70 376 06 81

Guido den Dekker is a member (senior associate) of our Supreme Court Litigation practice group. He specialises in advising on and conducting civil proceedings before the Dutch Supreme Court, for instance in the area of public international law, regularly handling cases against the Dutch State. He also represents international organisations. He has experience in liability law and civil procedural law, as well as in tenancy law, employment law and family law and the law of persons. He also advises on the likelihood of a successful appeal with a view to possible Supreme Court litigation, as well as on proceedings following Supreme Court litigation and referral. Guido has been a lawyer since 2002 and joined BarentsKrans in 2010.

Professional activities

Member of the CAVV (Advisory Committee on Issues of Public International Law)

News and publications

Absolutely Validity, Absolute Immunity: Is There Something Wrong with Article 103 of the UN Charter?

Senior Associate Guide den Dekker will address the question as to whether there is something “wrong” with the hierarchy-creating rule of Article 103 of the United Nations (UN) Charter, in view of the contrasting interests of effectiveness of UN sanctions together with collective security law versus legal review of decisions in the same framework which¬†
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