28 July 2016
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PAT-Krüger group acquired by Coert Kleijwegt

Coert Kleijwegt indirectly acquired all shares in the PAT-Krüger group. With 35 years of experience, PAT-Krüger has become the market leader in the field of security and control systems for heavy duty equipment. PAT-Krüger is an international organization with offices in the Netherlands, Dubai, the UK and Germany and dealers all over the world. PAT-Krüger sells and develops high-quality and innovative solutions and installs and provides service and maintenance for load moment indicators, winches, ballast systems, camera systems and load cells with and without built-in data registration. Not only for standard conditions but also for those places where the environmental factors such as temperature, vibration and pollution play an important role, both onshore and offshore. BarentsKrans advised the buyer in this transaction.

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