26 September 2016
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Guide to private antitrust litigation in The Netherlands

BarentsKrans’ lawyers Joost Fanoy, Martijn van Maanen en Tim Raats are the authors of the Dutch chapter of the PLC Global Guide to private antitrust litigation. The private antitrust litigation global guide serves as a single, essential, starting point of practical reference for both clients and practitioners in considering the various merits of commencing, defending or settling antitrust claims.

‘Practical law’ comments on its website:

A Q&A guide to private antitrust litigation in The Netherlands. The Q&A provides a high level overview of the legal basis for bringing private antitrust litigation actions; parties to an action; limitation periods and forum; standard of proof and liability; costs and timing; pre-trial applications and hearings; alternative dispute resolution; settlement or discontinuance of an action; proceedings at trial; available defences; available remedies; appeals and proposed legislative reform.