MVGM acquires the continental European property management business of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). BarentsKrans led the pan European legal team on behalf of MVGM.

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Dutch-based property manager MVGM and international real estate services provider JLL have reached an agreement for MVGM to acquire the continental European property management business of Jones Lang LaSalle, creating a pure-play property manager with a pan-European footprint. An alliance partnership between MVGM and JLL will allow them to develop and service a mutual client base. The transaction creates a top 5 European player with a presence in 10 countries.

Working together closely with Menno van der Horst, management board member of MVGM, MVGM’s trusted advisor Walter Sas who led the transaction on behalf of MVGM from a corporate finance perspective, the BarentsKrans team led by Corporate M&A partner Rhamsey Croes assisted MVGM in this transaction in the role of lead counsel. BarentsKrans’ other team members were Robert-Jan Zwaan (partner (notary), Lisanne Vissers (partner (candidate civil law notary), Corporate M&A),  Elze van der Minne (senior associate, Corporate M&A), Anne Monique Huijg (associate, Corporate M&A), Sebastiaan van Dam (associate, Corporate M&A),  Jacqueline van Hoeken (associate (candidate civil law notary), Corporate M&A), Joost Fanoy (partner, EU & Competition) and Tim Raats (senior associate, EU & Competition).

A team of Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek  in Germany led by Dr. Martin Imhof and assisted by Sebastian Pollmeier was co-counsel. The other law firms and key lawyers who advised MVGM were:

  • Strelia (Belgium and Luxembourg) – Gisèle Rossele, Etienne de Crépy and Céderic Devroey
  • Wardynski & Partners (Poland) – Izabela Zielinska – Barlozek and Maciej Szewczyk
  • bpv Braun Partners (Czech Republic, Slovakia) – Arthur Braun, Jiří Bárta, Marketa Nesetrilova, Igor Augustinic and Juraj Gazda
  • bpv Jadi Nemeth (Hungary) – Andrea Jadi Nemeth
  • bpv Grigorescu Stefanica (Romania) – Catalin Grigorescu, Cristina de Jonge and Diana Radu
  • bpv Hügel (coordination CEE) – Florian Gibitz
  • Cuatrecasas (Spain and Portugal) – Bernat Mullerat (Spain) and João Mattamouros Resende (Portugal)

Other advisors of MVGM included Casper Scheffer and Rob van de Berg of PwC’s Carve Out Team, Chris van Haarlem and Remco van Daal of PwC’s Transaction Services, Lorraine Siwabessy and Bart Weijers of PwC tax and Dennis Langkemper of Amstone Tax Lawyers.

Highlights of the deal include:

  • Creating a top 5 European player (no. 1 in the Netherlands and top tier in Germany) in the evolving property management market
  • Giving MVGM a foothold in eight additional countries with 540 employees in: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia and expanded teams in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Adding more than 11 million m2 to MVGM’s current portfolio of 6.4 million m2 in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Strategic Alliance partnership between MVGM and JLL
  • Giving company access to additional high-profile clients that include leading global real estate investors