JUVE Patent | Top10 2022
13 January 2023
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BarentsKrans in JUVE top 10 patent cases of the year 2022

Every year, the editoral team of JUVE Patent, an online platform with daily reporting on the European patent market, chooses the cases that have – or will have – the biggest impact on the European patent market. JUVE Patent’s top 10 cases of 2022 reflect the most interesting developments at Europe’s patent courts, as well as at the European Patent Office.

One of the top 10 cases of 2022 is the fingolimod case, which was handled in the Netherlands by Jaap Bremer and his team on behalf of Mylan (Viatris). The litigation in the Netherlands was at the forefront of the pan-European battle between Novartis and several generics companies, including Mylan, over the marketing of a generic drug product containing fingolimod. BarentsKrans and Mylan successfully repelled Novartis’ bid for a preliminary injunction, twice before the District Court and twice before the Court of Appeal of The Hague.

The full article is available on JUVE Patent and contains an in-depth analysis of the 10 cases. It also explains why JUVE has chosen these cases as highlights of the past year, and what they mean for the future of patent litigation in Europe.