9 April 2020
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BarentsKrans COVID-19 team

Government lockdown measures against the spread of coronavirus and subsequent emergency legislation and measures have far-reaching consequences. For society and for the economy. Employers and businesses have many questions about the implications of these measures and how to deal with them. This includes our clients. BarentsKrans has set up a multidisciplinary team to answer your questions and offer assistance in taking appropriate action in matters relating for example to employment law, such as reductions in working hours, the performance or termination of contracts, and damages due to delays.

If you have any queries about any COVID-19 related legal topic, please contact the individuals listed below. Naturally, you can also reach out to your regular contact at BarentsKrans.

Rieme-Jan Tjittes 

Directors’ and officers’ liability
Martijn van Maanen

Employment Law
Laurens de Graaf

Jason van de Pol

Government measures
Remco Bäcker

Real Estate
Jesse Zijlma