Sustainable energy

It is impossible to imagine the built-up environment without sustainable energy systems any more. BarentsKrans is a pioneer in this field. We are one of the first firms to have gained expertise and experience in the field involving the supply of heat and cooling, heat/cold storage, geothermal energy, the Heating Supply Act (Warmtewet), solar panels and solar collectors. We do this for energy suppliers, relief providers, corporations, institutional investors and many other parties that are required to integrate sustainability into existing or new property. We advise on the structuring of property, prepare concession contracts and collaboration agreements, prepare supply contracts and lease or rental agreements. We conduct proceedings involving the Heating Supply Act. For example, cases relating to the compensation schemes applicable in the even of failures or the maximum price. We prepare notarial deeds for building and planning rights, which ensures that ownership relationships between various stakeholders are arranged properly, set up energy companies and advise on primary security and financing. The services we provide in this growing, technical and fast-changing field encompass every discipline necessary for the successful development and commercial operation of sustainable energy systems in the built-up environment.

We have been involved in the following cases, amongst others:

  • Advising on the structuring of heat/cold storage in Musa Katendrecht for an institutional investor
  • The development and commercial operation of various distribution networks for district ATES systems for Vestia Energie, in Hoogeland, Naaldwijk and other places
  • The development, realization and financing of Solar Campus Purmerend for Ecorus
  • The purchase and continued development of Solarpark De Kwekerij in Hengelo
  • Proceedings about the application of the Heating Supply Act: about prices and compensation
  • The preparation of performance contracts for so-called “fresh schools”

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