Administrative and environmental law

Environmental law is complex and subject to constant change. Major interests are at stake: permits that are crucial to your business operations, drastic spatial planning developments, loss-causing government interventions, enforcement or expropriation. We have the specialist knowledge you need in-house.

We can also provide advice and conduct legal proceedings for you in a wider administrative area. Examples include enforcement, product legislation, subsidies, the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act (Wet op de Kansspelen) and the Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur (Wob)).

A special point for attention is the interface of private law and public law: government liability, compensation for the losses resulting from administrative acts, the losses resulting from government planning decisions, the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act (Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten), expropriation and covenants.

A selection of the experience we have to offer follows below:

  • Giving advice and conducting legal proceedings with respect to permits (Wabo) and zoning plans;
  • Assisting clients in the area of compliance;
  • Performing environmental-law due diligence investigations in the event of the acquisition of transport companies, chemical plant and car repair companies, for example;
  • Advising clients on product re-calls;
  • Proceedings relating to compulsory purchases, planning blight and compensation for the losses resulting from administrative acts;
  • Giving advice on and conducting proceedings about scarce permits.


‘High standards of knowledge and direct contact between the client and the partners of this firm.’Legal 500, 2022

‘A strength of the team is that they combine their knowledge of environment and planning (public law) with with their knowledge of private law.’Legal 500, 2022

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