We appreciate that there's another generation coming after the next one

Private Wealth & Family Owned Businesses

In our practice we have observed that wealthy private individuals and family businesses often aim to achieve continuity: the accumulated family assets or other assets need to be preserved and transferred to subsequent generations. Safeguarding continuity demands a clear-cut strategy as well as a stringent regime, seeing as – in addition to legal and tax legislation – family relations and emotions can play a major role in structuring and protecting assets and family businesses.

Our specialised and experienced civil law notaries are pleased to provide personal advice on the interface of business law with law of persons and family law, both national and international, in close collaboration with affiliated specialised tax advisors. We are pleased to act as your trusted advisor in relation to:

  • structuring or restructuring family businesses;
  • structuring assets under inheritance laws and/or business succession (estate planning and business planning);
  • asset protection and privacy;
  • donation of assets; and
  • setting up and managing family foundations and charities.