IT Litigation

ICT plays a crucial role in the success of organisations and is inextricably linked with strategy, business operations and employees in the business sector. The creation of innovative ICT applications, including those in the field of mobile telecommunication, has an important impact on society today. With this in mind, it is vital for innovative companies to be able to prevent their innovations being used by third parties without their permission. It is also important to effectively protect the functionality of software and hardware, the look and feel of websites and the insignia used online (domain names, for example) and to take action if any of the above are under threat or used by unauthorised parties.

To ensure that ICT functions as it should, organisations are increasingly opting for solutions that are no longer implemented locally, but involve the storage of applications and data externally, in the cloud. Data gathering and processing and communication between people are both moving online more and more too. ICT is increasingly becoming a service rather than a product. Suppliers, customers and everyone else concerned are finding it a challenge just to find the right balance between standardised solutions, which are not always tailored to the client’s needs, and expensive customised solutions. Differences of opinion are the rule rather than the exception and conflicts with far-reaching consequences often lie in wait.

Our lawyers are familiar with all of the ICT-related challenges that organisations are finding themselves faced with today. They have a wealth of experience, not only in settling disputes, but also in implementing ICT solutions and advising on and negotiating about ICT contracts. Our clients are ICT service providers, social media companies, hosting providers, operators of online and offline games, directors of ICT companies and also professional ICT users, such as (large) companies, schools and government and care institutions.


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