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Financial Litigation

Since the mid 1990s, BarentsKrans has been a pioneer in cases relating to the liability of banks, insurers and other financial service providers. In the early days, this practice primarily handled cases focusing on the duty of care in relation to margin requirements. Today, the duty of care that banks have is one of the central themes in almost every liability issue in which the financial sector plays a role. Today, our team of financial litigators has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of investment losses in advisory relationships and in relation to investment management, the mis-selling of financial products and interim amendments to and/or the termination of financing arrangements, such as interest-rate derivatives. Our team has a second-to-none understanding of the liability of supervisory bodies (see, for example, the role played by BarentsKrans in the proceedings about the liability of DNB in the liquidation of DSB) and prospectus liability too.

Our lawyers stand out in their combination of a keen legal knowledge with in-depth financial and economic knowledge. They are recognised for both in the Netherlands and abroad. Complex financial cases are referred to our specialists by other lawyers and financial professionals with great regularity. They are also regularly asked to act as speakers, lecturers and even (judicial) experts.

Investors, private investors, investment companies, financial service providers, investment institutions, fund managers and issuing institutions find a dedicated and trusted adviser in BarentsKrans. An economic assessment is prepared on the basis of a legal analysis of the position at hand. This also involves the translation of opportunities, risks and costs into an appropriate strategy. This then underlies the approach adopted to the issue: in negotiations and/or proceedings before judicial bodies and complaints boards like the Financial Services Complaints Board (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (Kifid)).

Financial Litigation is proud to be able to offer special expertise in the field of class actions too. See Mass Litigation for more information.

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