We appreciate that there's another generation coming after the next one

Estate planning

In our practice, we notice that wealthy individuals and family businesses often strive for continuity in order to maintain the accumulated (family) wealth and pass it on to future generations. Safeguarding continuity requires a clear strategy and tight control since – in addition to legal and fiscal legislation – family relationships and emotions can play a major role in structuring and protecting wealth and family businesses.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the optimal civil and fiscal design of wealth transfer to the next generation (both during life and upon death) for entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals. This may involve the (re)structuring of family firms, structuring of business succession, asset protection and privacy, gifting of assets, estate planning (advising on estate and inheritance law) and the establishment and management of a foundation and/or charity.

Our specialised and experienced (junior) civil-law notaries will be pleased to provide you with personal advice on the interface between corporate law and the law of persons and family law, both nationally and internationally, in close cooperation with specialised tax lawyers.

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