4 January 2022
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BarentsKrans assisted VanderSat Holding on the sale of VanderSat to Planet Labs

BarentsKrans advised VanderSat Holding on the sale of specialized Dutch software developer VanderSat to Planet Labs, an American satellite company based in San Francisco. The transaction closed on 13 December 2021. Through this sale, VanderSat will be able to broaden its network and possibilities to use its science and technology on an even larger scale. Even more so since Planet Labs is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

About VanderSat

VanderSat is a leading provider of global satellite-observed data, products and services over land with a special emphasis on water and crops. VanderSat offers a unique and patented technology that makes observations possible without any cloud and darkness interference. VanderSat gives its customers essential insights into soil and crop conditions by applying mathematical expertise to raw data from a constellation of satellites.